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Antique George V Sterling Silver Presentation Bowl
This exceptional antique 1920s sterling silver bowl has a circular rounded form onto a circular domed pedestal foot. The upper portion of this a...
AC Silver
Donnington Silver Medal.
Solid silver 50 year service Medal awarded to E J Woods in 1938 who worked at Walker ltd Donnington Salop. The company was established in 1837 and ...
Sally Turner Antiques
George IV silver Medal
A George IV Medal, London 1824, by Rebecca Emes and Edward Barnard, engraved on one side 'This Medal with Five Pounds, was...
Peter Cameron
London silver Livery Medal
A Presentation Medal for the 'Loyal Independant Livery of London', Burwash and Sibley, London 1810, cased. Case not measured.
Peter Cameron
A Scottish Volunteer Yeomanry silver Medal
A Scottish Volunteer Yeomanry silver Medal with attached ribbon, circa 1850, ‘JM’ of either Glasgow or Edinburgh. Dimensions: weight given for...
Peter Cameron
Rare Medal of the Duke of York's Bagnio. Circa 1667.
Interesting and rare medal of the Duke of York's Bagnio. Executed in circa. 1667 as a silver entry ticket with a brass plug on the reverse. Obvers...
Sanda Lipton
ELIZABETH I Defence of the Kingdom Medal. Circa 1572
Highly symbolic ELIZABETH I 'Defence of the Kingdom' silver medal. Made in England. Circa 1572 See 'Medallic Illustrations of the History of G...
Sanda Lipton
Art Medal.
Groupe des Luthiers et Archetiers d'Art de France
Sally Turner Antiques
WILLIAM WYON (1795-1851)
A George IV Horticultural Medal.
The Horticultural Society of London. A medal depicting Joseph Banks, by W. Wyon. Engraved on the reverse as a Prize Medal ...
Peter Cameron
An Eisteddfod Medal
A Medal engraved for the Llangollen Eisteddfod, London, 1858, Robert Garrard.
Peter Cameron
A Victorian Gymnastics Medal
A Victorian Scottish Prize Medal, maker's mark only 'J. Law' of Edinburgh, 1850, engraved with a presentation inscription ...
Peter Cameron
An 18th Century Society Medal
An 18th Century oval Society Medal, circa 1780, engraved on one side with a pair of clasped hands below a banner 'The Friendly Bachelors'; engraved...
Peter Cameron
Scottish Curling Society Medal
Dudingston Curling Society. A Scottish curling medal circa 1810.Dudingston Curling Society. Struck on one side and engra...
Peter Cameron
An Edinburgh Royal Society Medal
A Edinburgh Royal Society Medal, 1804, for John Rutherford.
Peter Cameron
BENJAMIN WYON (1802-1858)
A Victorian Canadian College Prize Medal
A Victorian Medal for King's College Canada, 1847. In its original case by B. Wyon. Presented to Thomas William Marsh. A...
Peter Cameron
Adelphi Society Medal
An oval silver struck Medal for the Adelphi Society, circa 1820.
Peter Cameron