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An enamel portrait miniature of Sir Walter Scott, Bart. (15 August 1771 - 21 Sep...
wearing a green coat, yellow waistcoat and black stock set in the original fine chased ormolu frame within outer glazed wooden frame with velvet ...
Ellison Fine Art
Portrait miniature after Boucher's portrait of Madame de Pompadour
This fine, antique portrait miniature was made after Boucher's famous painting of Madame de Pompadour, the highly celebrated official mistress of K...
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
A miniature portrait of Lady Emily Dundas and another portrait of Graham of Char...
Lady Emily wears white dress trimmed with red bow and matching ribbon in her hair, set in a gilt-metal frame with pierced scrolling border, the rev...
Ellison Fine Art
A fine portrait miniature of a young Lady probably an actress
A fine portrait of Lady with powdered hair, wearing a white dress with blue ribboned waistband and fine lace veil decorated with gold spots In go...
Ellison Fine Art
HENRY SPICER (1743-1804)
A fine portrait miniature of a child, believed to be Janet Wishart (1788-1820)...
painted in enamel, wearing a low cut pink dress with white underslip, her white bonnet trimmed with flowers set in the original gold frame with sp...
Ellison Fine Art
BERNARD LENS (1682-1740)
A Large fine portrait miniature of a young Noble Lady
She wears a blue dress open to reveal a white underslip Lens was the leading miniaturist from 1710 to 1740. Possibly self-taught, miniature pa...
Ellison Fine Art
HORACE HONE A.R.A (1754-1825)
A fine portrait miniature of a Lady wearing large hat
locks of hair on the reverse Hone at the age of 16, in 1772, he began to exhibit in the Royal Academy. He was elected an Associate in 1779. On ...
Ellison Fine Art
A fine portrait miniature of an unknown Gentleman
Wearing a blue coat, white waistcoat and red vest, large white tied cravat set in the original frame the reverse with gold monogram JG on blue gla...
Ellison Fine Art
A fine portrait miniature of an unknown Naval Officer
Wearing a blue uniform trimmed with gold, white waistcoat and frilled cravat, a black stock Signed on the obverse Freese, pinxit, Set in the origi...
Ellison Fine Art
A fine portrait miniature of John Wigston (1763-1810)
ohn Wigston (1763-1810) in blue coat, white waistcoat and tied cravat set in a gold frame with plaited hair reverse John was the second of thre...
Ellison Fine Art
WILLIAM ESSEX (1784-1869)
19th Century portrait miniature of David Garrick (1717-1779), painted in enamel...
Set in silver metal ornamented frame The enamel is after R.E Pine's portrait of Garrick, now in the National Portrait Gallery Garrick was on...
Ellison Fine Art
18th century portrait miniature of Miss Anne Buller, painted on ivory
wearing white veil, dress with frilled edge and rope of pearls around her shoulder, gold hoop earrings This is a fine example of Nathaniel's wor...
Ellison Fine Art
RICHARD GIBSON (1615-1690)
17th century portrait miniature of Anne Hyde, Duchess of York (1637-1671)
The miniature was painted by Richard Gibson, and the setting has been described by Diana Scarisbrick as characteristic of the Restoration period (s...
Ellison Fine Art
An 18th century portrait miniature of a gentleman, painted in enamel
Wearing raspberry coat over gold embroidered green waistcoat, his hair en queue in original gold frame Liotard first worked in Rome, Naples and...
Ellison Fine Art
18th century portrait miniature of a lady dressed in yellow, painted in enamel o...
To create enamel miniatures, powdered glass and metal oxides are mixed with oil to make a paste, which is then painted colour by colour onto a meta...
Ellison Fine Art
Mid 18th century portrait miniature of a noble lady wearing a blue dress with b...
he reverse with seed pearl monogram SJG on plaited hair, in the original gold frame Although it has not been possible to identify the sitter, t...
Ellison Fine Art